Shoutout to my pickles, my true homies

Whoever unfollowed me right after I posted this is such a fucking hater. How disingenuous do you have to be to have followed me all this time until I made a post about one of my favorite foods. I am a fucking blessing to have on your dashboards especially at a time like this, gracing you with the new of the good word of pickles. I hope you never get to experience a feeling so satisfying as I feel right now, eating pickles in this moment and happily blogging to my friends about it. Congrats on being Earth’s biggest hater


Diamond Joes…enjoy;P


おいらはジャックフロストだホー! | By: 羽田

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Dark Souls Locations and their Real World Counterparts

Lost Izalith / Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Anor Londo / Flying buttresses at Duomo di Milano, Italy

Anor Londo / Château de Chambord, France

Crystal Cave / Cave of the Crystals, Mexico

Firelink Shrine Graveyard / Old Jewish Cemetary, Prague

omigosh wow